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31 Dec 2010

What Am I Doing?

Big-picture blog posts are popular at the end of the year, but I’m feeling contrary. On this last day of 2010, perhaps you’d like a gander at what I am actually doing right now? Continue reading

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24 Dec 2010

Starting with Why

Roads and ideas converge at a crossroads. I have been reading a lot over the past year: books and blogs, articles and essays. Fascinatingly, I have found some writers are like travellers converging from different directions bearing gifts—complementary ideas—that resonate … Continue reading

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16 Dec 2010

Gearing up in the Next Expansion

Earlier this week I hit “Reboot” on this blog. A computer analogy for the modern age? Indeed, but now I’m going to indulge an analogy from the kind of electronic gaming I play most. “I just got my paws on … Continue reading

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11 Dec 2010

Rebooting the Freelancer

I have been a freelancer for many decades now. I have made illustrations, I’ve done a bit of writing plus editing and game design. My clients have primarily been in the tabletop game industry but I’ve also done work for … Continue reading

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