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28 Jan 2012

Buffalo Castle pictures, update

Interested in having a female character in the Buffalo Castle art offer? I can do that. Want to see the picture in color? I can do that too. Continue reading

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21 Jan 2012

Ya Oughta Be in Pictures, Kid

I’m doing new illustrations for a French edition of Buffalo Castle (the T&T solitaire adventure). Here’s your opportunity to be drawn into the game… literally! Continue reading

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18 Nov 2011

Art at TusCon

The TusCon science fiction/fantasy convention led me to some interesting discussions about being an artist, as well as meeting some good folks including a company I hope to do business with again. In the end, I make an offer. Continue reading

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1 Oct 2011

Pictures Have Stories: Into the Tunnels

I PROMISED TO post up another piece of old art for sale when I wrote about “The Summoner” last week. I thought I would get it up in a day or two, but it took a little longer. If it’s … Continue reading

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24 Sep 2011

Pictures Have Stories: the Summoner

SOME PICTURES ASK you to delve into them, to explore all the bits of imagery included in the scene. The piece I call “The Summoner” is like that. I wanted to give the viewer so many little bits to think … Continue reading

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16 Mar 2011

Pictures Have Stories: City of Terrors

The original pen-and-ink cover of City of Terrors was many things: a vigorous collaboration between Rob Carver and myself; a worthy wrap to Michael Stackpole’s well-written solitaire adventure for Tunnels & Trolls; and a quiet paen of delight and respect accorded to Roger Zelazny’s Nine Princes in Amber. Continue reading

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6 Mar 2011

More to the Story

Is this the acursed Hope Diamond of Danforth paintings? Let’s hope not. Continue reading

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9 Feb 2011

Pictures Have Stories: Tara

In which I tell the tale of a painting, and make a special offer to my readers. Continue reading

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