Other Art

With the recent server change, all previous images were … misplaced.
Things are a bit thin right now.

New galleries are being created.
Thank you for your patience while I work on it.


My commissions rarely take me very far outside my usual run of games, books, dogs. This page is for those things that come my way from a little farther afield, and include works not done for any reason except that I wanted to do them.

Hover over the image to see the title of the work. For the best look at the art, click on the thumbnail to see the image large and with a few words of description. The slideshow is simply a quick overview.

3 Responses to Other Art

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  2. You sculpted. A murloc.

    Sinu a’manore, shan’do!

    • Liz Danforth says:

      Am sculpting, present tense. There’s also a naga-head trophy and a Helm of Domination (Arthas’ helm) that have been started but not progressed. All I need is time to work on them… 😉

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