This page lists the card art I have done for various card games, collectible and otherwise. There are now nineteen titles, including the new art for Sorcery: Contested Realms, and nearly as many different publishers. I have done around 200 paintings for these card games.

Many of these games have gone out of print. Some games were picked up by other publishers. The publishers listed are those who commissioned the artwork and published it initially.


Middle Earth Collectible Card Game
Iron Crown Enterprises

The Wizards (Limited and unlimited)
Bert (Burat)
Dwar of Waw
Elves of Lindon
Hoarmurath of Dir
Indur Dawndeath
Khamul the Easterling
Ren the Unclean
Tom (Tuma)
Uvatha the Horseman
William (Wuluag)
Witch-King of Angmar

The Dragons:
Fever of Unrest
Itangast Ahunt
Itangast At Home
Prowess of Might
Scatha Ahunt
Scatha At Home
Subtlety of Guile

Dark Minions:
Hall of Fire
Never Seen Him (also a promo card with identical art – distinction is a small
white crown in the lower right of the card by the text box)
Pale Dream-Maker
Reluctant Final Parting
Which Might Be Lies

The Lidless Eye:
Black Rain
Blue Mountain Dwarf-hold
Catch an Elusive Scent
Down Down to Goblin-town
Ent in Seach of the Entwives
Grey Mountain Goblins
Orcs of Gundabad

Against The Shadow:
Alone and Unadvised
Our Own Wolves
Powers Too Dark and Terrible
The Pukel-Deeps
Saruman the Wise
Tower Raided
Treason the Greatest Foe

The White Hand:
Chambers at the Royal Court
Liquid Fire
Never Refuse
Pallando (Fallen Wizard version)
pocketed Robes
Prophet of Doom

The Balrog (Incredibly rare set. Very hard to come by.):
Crowned with Storm
Darkness Wielded
Remains of Thangorodrim

The Balrog Reprints (Grey border):
Grey Mountain Goblins
Orcs of Gundabad
Scatha Ahunt

Challenge Deck Reprints (Grey border):
Alone and Unadvised

MECCG Starter Set Reprints (White border):
Bert (Burat)
William (Wuluag)

Shelob: Some sites credit me with a card by that name, but the artist is Randy Gallegos.
By the Ringwraith’s Word: The card itself shows the artists as “B. Churashev and L. Danforth.” Not true; I did not collaborate with this person and I did no part of that image.


Magic: the Gathering
Wizards of the Coast

Devouring Deep
Tuknir Deathlok

Fallen Empires:
Combat Medic
Hymn to Tourach
Initiates of the Ebon Hand

Ice Age:
Freyalise Supplicant
Glacial Chasm
Lim-Dul’s Hex
Mind Warp
Zur’s Wierding

An-Havva Township
Aysen Abbey
Merchant Scroll
Mystic Decree
Shrink (two versions)

Promotional Cards:
Giant Badger
Mind Warp
Hanna (Oversized card)
Gem Bazaar (MicroProse computer game only – no physical card)

Krovikan Plague
Nature’s Wrath
Soldevi Excavations

Bazaar of Wonders
Celestial Dawn
Teeka’s Dragon

5th Edition:
Dwarven Ruins
Ebon Hold
Havenwood Battleground
Ruins of Trokair
Sveylunite Temple
Zur’s Wierding

6th Edition:
Celestial Dawn
Dwarven Ruins
Ebon Hold
Havenwood Battleground
Mind Warp
Ruins of Trokair
Sveylunite Temple
Zur’s Wierding

Beatdown Box Set:
Dwarven Ruins
Ebon Hold
Havenwood Battleground
Sveylunite Temple

Time Spiral:
Errant Doomsayers
Watcher Sliver
Celestial Dawn

Monkey Monkey Monkey
Symbol Status

If memory serves, there were copies of An-Havva Township released with Pete Venters credited as the artist. I could be wrong about which card, but I do recall that he and I were at a signing together and laughing over it.

Apparently Pete and I were more widely confused by the publications department, because I’ve also been asked to sign a copy of Aysen Abbey with Pete’s name given as the artist.



Legend of the Five Rings
Alderac Entertainment




Agasha Tunnels
Ancestral Shrines of Otosan Uchi
Bayushi Ikita
Carrier Pigeon
Clay Horse
Daidoji Sembi
An Exhibition
A Good Day to Die
Hiruma Yoshi
Isawa Taeruko
Kitsune Shudo
Lions Attacks the Crane
Mujina Tricks
Mystical Terrain
The Naga Akasha
Naming the True Evil
Otaku Sahijir
Shinjo Groomsman
Shosuro Ninja
Soshuro Sadato
Shosuro Turaki
Utaku Xieng Chi
Whispers of the Land



Wheel of Time
Precedence Entertainment

Establish Contacts
Chesmal Sedai
Lady Elenia
Lady Ellorien
High Lord Hearne
Jasin Natael
Lead them to Ruin
Lord Jarid
Lord Nasin
Political Isolation
Political Powerbase

[I’m missing cards here also, and am not sure of the titles at the moment]:
A Laughing Woman in a Shawl
Broken Old Man
Man in Doorway


Legend of the Burning Sands
Alderac Entertainment

A Commander’s Courage
Dream Magic
The Fields of Rolling Grain
Moonless Night




Candace Liao
Galen Cox
Justin Xiang Allard
Kai Allard-Liao
Morgan Kell
Natasha Kerensky
Ryan Steiner
Victor Steiner-Davion
Vlad of the Wards






7th Sea
Alderac Entertainment

Avoid Fate
Billy Bones
Divvying the Plunder
Glimpse of the Skein
Franzini’s Lost Notebooks
Hole in the Hull






Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Burnt Offerin’
J.P Coleman
Nate Hunter
Prof. Susan Franklin
San Simeon Mine
Telescopic Pistol Sight
Whatley Family Estate




War Cry: Siege of Darkness
Sabertooth Games

Crystal of Seeing
Doom Axe
Enchanted Armor
Sword of Forest’s Might
Sword of Striking
Upset Balance







Decipher Inc.

Remote Coordinator
Traginium Heist
Watch Your Back
Z-Level Gurus









Everyday Hero
Jack Donovan
Natural Order
Netherworld Passageway
Wind on the Mountain








Vampire: the Eternal Struggle (Jyhad)
White Wolf

The Ancestor’s Talisman
Blood to Water
Praxis Seizure: Athens





Alderac Entertainment Group

Power Bolt
Sir Serane Myerdeth






Dragon Storm
Black Dragon Press

Sense Lies
Shimmering Aura









Palliard Press

Z-Gof9-7, Pyramid Builder
(I did a Merlin too, but it wasn’t used)










Wizards of the Coast

A Strategy of Spirits











The Origins Poker Decks
Flying Buffalo Inc

The cards are part advertising, part ordinary card deck, with the fronts having art or ad copy of one sort or another. Flying Buffalo makes a new deck each year, with influential men in the game industry depicted as the Kings. I’m still waiting to see if he will ever properly acknowledge the many women who have contributed meaningfully to the industry!









Fantasy Showcase Tarot Deck
Bruce Pelz, editor-publisher

For the serious completists interested in every card-like thing I ever did artwork for, I was a contributor to Bruce Pelz’s Fantasy Showcase Tarot Deck, published in 1980 after 11 years in development. (I believe my card was done in the mid-to-late 70s.) I still have a copy of the deck… somewhere. I’m pretty sure. I am not sure, however, what card it was I did, which is a little embarrassing to admit. It was a very long time ago.


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  1. Is there any way to buy a print of Ice age Portent? Have you done any other Indigenous style art like that? I love all your work but this one really stands out to me!

    Coleman, Canada

    1. Hello Coleman, and thanks for stopping in on the blog here! Yes, I have prints of Portent available. Please drop me a line at my email (which you can find on the Contact Me page).

      My bachelor’s degree was Anthopology and Portent is definitely a call-back to my studies. I do not think I have any other works that are so overtly indigenous-style (although elements doubtlessly creep in through Jungian achetypes) because I struggle to walk the line between honoring First Nations imagery (and the Paleolithic and other images in that shaman’s “vision”) and wanting to avoid exploiting their creations from anywhere in the world. I am happy this piece speaks to you, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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