Bright Lights Burn But Briefly

April 7th 2024

All the “Artist Series” playmats of Mirror Realm are spoken for. No more are available to order.

Although I have a (very) few remaining, I will be taking them with me to sell at conventions, shows, and tournaments. To see what shows I am attending and where, just keep an eye on posts here on Patreon, and on my website. I will be in Las Vegas for Star City Games on June 7-9, and I am planning to attend the World Science Fiction Convention in Glasgow, Scotland on August 8-12. Other trips are in the planning stages.

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A New Black Lotus?

July 28 2023

Sorcery isn’t Magic, but the way people are valuing these cards makes me wonder. I feel like I should consider armed guards around my house: I still own most of my Sorcery originals, including Mirror Realm. I have no foils here, since they can only be had by the beneficence of Random, Lord of Amber, the metaphorical Wheel of Fortune, giving a nod of Luck and Serendipity for you to find one in that box you picked up from the Friendly Local Game Store.

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There And Back Again

Jul 1, 2022

I have been to Middle Earth. 

The plane ticket said “Poland” but my reality took a few jig-steps sideways, and I am quite sure I found myself in some near-Shadow of Middle Earth. A Fellowship of boon companions, new acquaintances and old friends alike. Wondrous food and drink! Visiting the broad plains of Rohan, the deep dark woods both dire and grand, the endless fields of poppies and clover and flowers I cannot begin to name, and lands where clearly the ents still loom and hoooommm. The mounds for ancient heroes who should not be forgotten, and the longhouses from whence ghosts emerge to make offerings to sacred waters. The citadels of the doomed and the glorious alike, the display of arms, the castle’s front gates opened especially for the entry of Lady Danforth and her Retinue.

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Pyrkon 2022

Jul 13, 2022

I was invited to be a guest in the RPG track at Pyrkon, Poland’s big science fiction and fantasy fannish convention, to take place in the summer of 2020. For obvious reasons, that didn’t happen. 

The invitation came around again this year. And people came back with gusto! Over 56,000 people attended at the huge convention complex in Poznań. The photo above is just one side of the building on the first day of the show —

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