ONCE UPON A TIME, I attended a convention in a small town in Mississippi. The pros and attendees got to hang out together in ways that can only happen at a tiny con, and it was fabulously memorable. While I was at least acquainted with the other pros in attendance beforehand, we also had time to hang out together more than usual and became closer friends.

The last morning, the pros headed into the one-stoplight town for breakfast en route to the airport. Roger Zelazny, Jennifer Roberson, Jane Lindskold, Michael Stackpole, and our concom hosts found only one table in the diner large enough to hold us all.

The smiling waitress handed us the menus and passed around the coffee, then announced “You are seated at a very important table, you know. This is where the Liars’ Club meets every week.”

We looked at each other — the tale-weavers, the story-spinners, the visualizers and enhancers of the multiverse of infinite worlds — professional liars, each and every one of us. We smiled.

I am making some of my original works of fiction available here, full text. If I were to rate my tales according to the ESRB descriptions, you could expect stories here to fall between “E10+” to “M.” Any story conceivably to be considered inappropriate for someone under the age of 13 to read will be posted under a confirmation veil. Other readers should use reasonable personal judgment about their tolerances for the activities described for each story, below.

These stories have been released under a creative commons license. You are free to share these stories with others while observing those rights (attribution, non-commercial, no derivatives). Wheaton’s Law applies.

I hope you will enjoy some of my lies.


Imp Possible Situations

Approximately 12,000 words. Fantasy, based in the Tunnels & Trolls universe. Published 1992, revised 2008. Alcohol use, moderate violence, mild language.

Sleeping with the Horde

Approximately 10,000 words. Fantasy, based in Blizzard’s World of Warcraft universe. Previously unpublished. Alcohol use, sexual situations, mild language.



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  1. Chris, yes — if you hover over the pic for the pop-up text, you’ll see I make note that the sign is in Chicago.

  2. I really loved Imp Possible Situations when I first read it in Mages Blood etc, and always enjoyed your art, especially in the various editions of T&T. Glad you are still around and staying busy!

    1. Thank you so much! I am definitely still around, still staying VERY busy. The website here is a bit out of date [massive understatement] but I am hoping to get it much revised later this year. Appreciate your kind words very much.

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