17 Mar 2009

Welcome to lizdanforth.com!

This is the official online home of the illustrator, writer, editor, librarian and of course gamer Elizabeth Danforth.

Here you’ll find a wide variety of material ranging from award-winning artwork to links regarding the Gaming in the Library Project.

Please feel free to peruse the site and ask questions!

I hope you enjoy the stay!

One Response to Welcome to lizdanforth.com!

  1. Mat Fowler says:

    Lol, I played T&T in the early 80s and fell in love with your artwork. I now look at your website and see you play WoW, my second passion in life. Thank you for brightening my life and inspiring my imagination for the last ..’cough’.. 30 years. Keep playing WoW and remember you are very appreciated by your fans. Mat x (London, UK)