[minor updates 17 October 2021]

“Professional eclectic.” That’s the best phrase I’ve found to describe myself. I do a number of things and I do them well.

Liz the Artist is the section of this site with a few words about the way people generally know me best. I spent decades working in the tabletop games industry, illustrating role-playing game books, painting images for collectible card games, and designing the graphical “look and feel” of many products. I worked on computer games too, but that was all scenario design and no artwork. If you want more detail on this topic, click on the link at the start of this paragraph.

Liz the Librarian is where I talk about being a advocate for games and gaming, and the joys of being the gamer-geek uniting my two favorite subjects. Library work is where being a “professional eclectic” really shines. I may not know everything about everything, but it’s hard to catch me completely flatfooted when someone comes to me asking for help finding a book, a website, help on the computer, or if they still need answers to a serious reference question.

I love what libraries seek to do, and I’ve been proud of my work in that field. However, my art and design work is what truly gives me personal satisfaction. Happily, I returned to full time freelance work in June 2016.

Liz the Writer, the Editor, the Researcher, and everything else is the page where I address some of the other facets of my life.

Meanwhile, you should understand by now that one of the many things I am is incredibly long-winded. Bear with me. I had someone say about the way I corresponded: “I always have to take a deep breath before I plunge in, but I know it is always meaty stuff from start to finish.” I don’t think in sound bites and I don’t write that way either.

I am easy to contact through mail, email, and a number of social media outlets. Stroll over to the Contact Me page for specifics. I make every effort to respond in a timely manner, but request your patience. Often, I get overwhelmed with my regular work, and general life in progress.

FAQs will be fleshed out … someday. As it is, this page has some answers those questions I get asked repeatedly.

For now, I’ll say that the most common question is “Do you sign cards by mail?” to which my short answer is “Yes, but you may have to wait a bit for me to get around to it.” See my sigs and alters page for the longer answer.

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