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Are you an individual asking for card alterations and smaller commissions? See below.

Card Alters and Artist Proof Sketches

information current as of 12 May 2022

Nothing can be more unique than having the original artist enhance the cards from your deck, or sketch on an artist proof, with something new created by the person who did the original image on the card.

Card Alters are regular cards with new art that might be just a small change (leaving the card legal for competitive play), or the entire card face might be painted over… or anything in between.

Artist Proofs typically have new artwork on the blank white back. Again, this can be a simple sketch, or a full-blown miniature painting.

Multicard Sets can be made with artwork extending over several cards: 2 cards, 4 cards, or more. They can be individual cards united by theme, or a single painting covering multiple cards. Multicard sets can be made from playable cards, or from APs.

Prices vary according to how much work goes into a commission. The simplest drawings will be $25, and up around $180 for complex paintings on a single card. Multicard sets will cost several hundred dollars, depending on what is requested.

Below are just a few of my favorite examples to inspire you.