Gallery Reboot in Progress

happy, cheering, avatar, WoW, world of warcraftI AM HAPPY to say the problem with my email address (liz – at – lizdanforth – dot – com) has been resolved, and it is working again. Feel free to use it — it is usually the best way to get my attention on matters related to things you’ll find on this website: my artwork,  freelancing, writing, game design, the games I play, and my musings on all the above.

I spent much of today putting images into the art galleries again. When Oakheart moved to a new server, all the old art went MIA. Rather than try to chase it all down, I am taking the opportunity to put together work I think is more representative of what I do, and to share things that I’m particularly proud of.

That said, there ain’t a whole helluva lot there right now. This is a time-consuming job. I’ll be adding new material as quickly as I can, but at least there are a few things for you to check out as I plug away.

For now, writing this post to let you know there’s art to check out (some you probably have never seen before) gives me an opportunity to post a picture of a half-naked wizard; always a plus in my book.

It’s probably a bad idea to tell a necromancer “Sorry, I’m just not that into you.” He’s gonna bone ya one way or the other.

Original artwork for ICE's Middle Earth collectible card game

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  1. I like the scale of the art as presented here, and the fact that I can just click on one, as opposed to the previous forced slides.

    Also, I’m tickled by the fact that you have a “nekkid peeples” tag.

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