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27 Jan 2011

Website Woes

So, earlier this week I got to spend a little time tearing my hair out. I’d tried to install a shopping cart plugin to this site, and in the process screwed up rather badly. I cried out for help to … Continue reading

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16 Jan 2011

It’s a Question of Time

Most time management books address your “typical 24 hour day.” This book asks you to look at, and schedule, what happens over the course of the week of 168 hours. It asks you to prioritize the time spent pursuing the things you most value, using the skills you are most competent with. The rest you ignore, minimize, or outsource. Continue reading

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15 Jan 2011

A Brief Word

One of my firm intentions upon rebooting this blog was to write a post at least once a week. Two weeks into January, I’m finally here again. A week ago, I did write a post — a long one — … Continue reading

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