Website Woes

So, earlier this week I got to spend a little time tearing my hair out. I’d tried to install a shopping cart plugin to this site, and in the process screwed up rather badly.

I cried out for help to two awesome people: fellow freelance artist, IT whiz, and friend Jeff Preston (who had originally set up this site for me) and the IT guru Ragnar Karlsson whom Jeff introduced me to when my questions starting hitting the ceiling. Jeff pulled my kishkes out of the fire and Ragnar pointed out a place where I can sensibly outsource the shopping mechanics instead of trying to put in all the bells and whistles directly into this website.

My hat is off to both of these white knights, and I heartily recommend them to anyone in need of their skills: Ragnar’s IT brilliance and Jeff’s inspiring work ethics that drive a dedicated, talented artist who deserves more attention. The best way I can thank them is to acknowledge their time and skill, and try to send others knocking on their respective doors.

That was one of the dictums from 168 Hours and I didn’t keep it in mind. With good alternatives out there, it was frustrating to invest time in The Great Shopping Cart Phail, and not a good use of my 168 hours.

A better use of my time will be setting up some sales through It looks like it offers a level of service well-suited to my needs. No, I have nothing there quite yet. I was overdue to write a post here, and before anything else I wanted to thank Jeff and Ragnar. I’ll let you know once I get it ready to roll, and I’ll probably start off by offering some of my signed, limited edition prints for sale. There might even be an original or two. Stay tuned.

2 Replies to “Website Woes”

  1. Sheesh… had a bad link for Ragnar, now corrected. This guy is the soul of patience with my stumbles!

  2. Never a problem Liz. Since we don’t have a company to rely on for support, freelancers rely on each other. Share knowledge and all that. I don’t do everything by myself, I have help (Matt and Monica, Yourself, many others).

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