Artwork and Commissions

Most people coming to this website know me as an artist and illustrator, which is the way that I have made most of my living for many decades. I create professional commissions for publication in games and books, with experience doing fantasy, science fiction, steampunk, and urban fantasy. I do private art commissions as well, including projects related to my favorite dog breed, the wonderful Cardigan Welsh Corgis.

The Art Gallery on this site gives you an overview of my work [presently being reconstructed], my styles, and my subjects. To see the most recent work I’ve been doing, please have a look at the “Newer Works” page.

Every project is unique, so putting out a “price list of services” is problematic. New commissions are priced based on the work being requested. Please email me (liz – at – lizdanforth – dot – com) to start the conversation.

If you are interested in commissioning me for any art project, these are among the questions I will need answered to quote you a fair price:

  • Color or black & white?
  • Is this for publication? If so, for what use(s)?
  • What kind of complexity and/or quantity are we talking about?
  • Do you have a specific image in mind (at one end of the scale), or is it wide open (at the other end), or something in between?
  • Who owns copyright?
  • Do you keep the original or do I (for possible sale separately)?
  • Deadlines, if any? What and when?

Once we get these basics established, we can discuss any other elements and figure out a price that works for us both.

Lately I am being asked to alter printed cards from existing works of mine in published card games. I talk about the first one I did here, and you can see an example.

Yes, I will do this. No, they won’t be cheap. Contact me if you’re interested.

In addition to doing art, I have worked as a freelance editor and writer. I have done project development, taking existing work in its rough state, and making it ready for release with a combination of my artistic, editorial, and graphic design skills. I have also done project management, locating and coordinating other creative individuals to bring an idea to fruition.

For editing, writing, or project development, every project truly is unique. I will be happy to negotiate a price with you based on the work needed.

If you have questions and are interested in having me do art, editing, writing, or project development, I’d love for you to get in touch with me.

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