Krab Jab Art Show and PAX

FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION art is not something you often find in a regular art gallery. Despite the love people express for the illustrations in their D&D books, on their Magic cards, or on the covers of their most loved books, the genre is rarely seen at regular art walks and conventional galleries. There are certainly exceptions — more, all the time — but fantasy art is still largely exhibited and sold at conventions or direct from the artist.

If you are in Seattle between August 11th and September 6th this year, you have the opportunity to catch an exceptional show at the Krab Jab Studio. Curated in collaboration with Green Ronin Publications, the studio is hosting The Art of Roleplaying Games — 30 years worth of art and illustration with 22 artists participating, including me. I have two pieces of original art in the show: one recent black and white ink for the new T&T editions, and one Middle Earth painting. Many artists are also offering prints for sale. I have only a few to send, B&W and color, but perhaps one will strike your fancy.

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It is particularly delightful to me that the show is timed to coincide with PAX Prime (Aug 31st – Sept 2), that passionate gathering dedicated to the love of games in all their glory. If you’re going to Seattle for PAX, I hope you’ll take the time to head over to Krab Jab and see some of the visual works, both seminal and current, that have brought our imaginations alive in the hobby we all love.

I wish I lived in Seattle and could participate, go hang out with so many of the artists I know and love who live in the area. Regardless, there’s no question in my mind that this is going to be a really exceptional show. Go! See! Tell your friends!

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