21 Mar 2012

By Special Request

I DON’T USUALLY make two posts in one day, but this is a special day.

As you know I’ve been doing illustrations for a new edition of Buffalo Castle, the first of the solitaire adventures written for Tunnels & Trolls. When I offered people the chance to be included in the book, pictured as some of the non-player characters your adventurers would encounter, husband and wife Knick and Tina Moschella opted to appear as the leather-clad bandit and the big strong fighter.

Today is Tina’s birthday, and this post is her birthday present from Knick.

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I have not gotten the pictures inked yet, in case you couldn’t tell. It been a little hectic around these parts lately, or….

Ooops! I think I should have said “I’m just saving the best for last.” Right. That.

Happy birthday, Tina!

While I have your attention on the subject of the new French edition of T&T and its associated game books, let me direct you to Patrice’s new website. You can get all the latest news about his upcoming releases with links to where to buy the books (and of course I hope you will!) — at least as long as you can read French.

In any case, this where you’ll get to see the finished inkwork of Knick and Tina in Buffalo Castle … which will be finished very very soon. Really. I’m headed to the art table right now…

(Happy birthday again!)


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