MY APOLOGIES TO anyone who hasn’t kept up their virus catchers and firewalls. While undertaking some of the changes this site has needed for awhile, virtual doors got opened that should never have been cracked. Zombies got in and ate all the brains. I heard about this from a friend when I checked my email this morning, after her virus-catcher (which was up-to-date) lit up like a Portal Christmas tree when she visited this site earlier today.

Unfortunately, I don’t know jack about php and the backend of WordPress, and probably shouldn’t be allowed wandering the web while shrouded in this much ignorance. The White Knight riding to my rescue was Gazimoff of Mana Obscura, bless his socks. He got the site scrubbed down, cleaned up, and presentable once more.

I have no words adequate to express the depth of my appreciation for him stepping into the breach like this. If you click that link with his name — and I do hope you go have a read — you’ll see that he has exquisite taste in WordPress themes (although appearances can be deceiving, I understand…). He also writes pretty damn well and thoughtfully.

Other problems with the website have kept me from posting for a couple of weeks here, and I aim to rectify that as soon as I can. Well… that and the fact that I’ve been working my fingers to nubbins trying to finish the new Buffalo Castle art on schedule. But I’m eager to share a rockin’ piece of “fan art” with you, something a wee bit of fantasy filler art inspired but which outshines my little original like a supernova outshines a firefly. Stay tuned!

Until then, go make sure your virus-catchers and backups are up to date.

(ETA 3/3/2012: Nothing like suggesting readers go check out Gaz’s website, and giving you a bad link. Fixed!)

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  1. Good to be back on speaking terms with my Norton and have a chance to read your posts for more than a 1/4 second before the warnings begin.

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