In the Spirit of the Season

cardigan welsh corgis, cardigans, dogs, Christmas, winter, holidays, solstice, New Year, cozy, home, wreath, moon, hollyI wish you all the very best now and in the year ahead.

I hope to write a proper post before the year is done (but don’t hold me to it).  Thank you all, for this has been an amazing and memorable year.

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  1. Best wishes to you too, for Christmas. I’ll cross my fingers and assume that the reddish smears on the one gazing out of the window are nothing less innocent than light/shadow effects… 😉

    1. Ha! Cardis are often marked with “points” of color — black with tan points, black/white and brindle, or in this case merle with tan points. It’s amusing to me that I chose to make this dog a merle, since that is the only color in the available schemes that I’ve never had (nor particularly expect to). I’ve mostly had B&W with either tan or brindle points, one beloved red, and a dear rescue brindle.

  2. and here I thought those were blood splashes from the bungling burglar than tried to come in… Hi Liz! Happy Holidays to ya and those cardis. On a more serious note – beautiful card. Your art work is always amazing. Send me some warmth from down there – it’s only 9F.

  3. Very nice card!

    I just got back from picking up my Belgian shepherd from the kennel. A friend of the owner announced that Kira will have a role in a children’s book she is writing / illustrating, thanks to her skill at climbing fences.

    Happy New Year!

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