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24 Sep 2011

Pictures Have Stories: the Summoner

SOME PICTURES ASK you to delve into them, to explore all the bits of imagery included in the scene. The piece I call “The Summoner” is like that. I wanted to give the viewer so many little bits to think … Continue reading

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17 Sep 2011

Speaking Out: the Language Epilogue

  ALL WEEK, PEOPLE have been Speaking Out. I’ve been impressed by what I’ve read, although it’s not a fraction of what’s out there. I intended to write several posts but life got in the way: it’s been a strange … Continue reading

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12 Sep 2011

Speaking Out: Writing Fiction

TODAY IS DAY ONE of “Speak Out with Your Geek Out.” Author and game designer Monica Valentinelli put out a call for a week of “joy, positivity and happiness” about the hobbies and other activities geeks love. It stuck a … Continue reading

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9 Sep 2011

Hi there, stranger

When Lisa Poisso’s first email showed up in my inbox last week, you could have knocked me over with a feather. WoW Insider? Interview me? Really?? That reaction was immediately followed by “Hell yes! I’d be thrilled to be interviewed … Continue reading

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4 Sep 2011

Writing, Geeking, and the Kindness of Strangers

I don’t know what it is about having gone to GenCon, but I’m still feeling the side-effects a month later. A lot of good things resulted, but while I feel like I’m working my rump off, I also feel like … Continue reading

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