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Grand Prix Las Vegas 2017

HEY THERE! Long time, with no updates getting written here? Sheesh*. But it’s high darn time I say something about Grand Prix Las Vegas, since I’ll be there in just a few days.

The last few months, I have been preparing for my first Magic the Gathering Grand Prix event. (Grand Prix Las Vegas, June 14-18.)

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I’m excited and stressed in equal measure because I don’t exactly know what I’ve gotten myself in for, despite generous advice and librarian-class research. I already know there’s more I should have done that’s not gonna happen before I leave town. It’s… a learning experience.

Because of the Vegas Grand Prix, I expect some people will come to this blog who never set virtual foot here before. Let me give you some shortcuts for the things you might be looking for…

Caveat: the website overall is woefully out of date. The card list is current primarily because I haven’t done new card art in years. Everything else? Hahahahaha! I have been working a lot, making new art and even going to shows like IlluxCon. Keeping up the website remains low on my priority list. For now, assume it’s cobwebby.

HERE IS my Card List. I did cards for:

Magic the Gathering (Wizards of the Coast)
Middle Earth ccg (Iron Crown)
Legend of Five Rings (AEG)
Legend of the Burning Sands (AEG)
Shadowfist (Daedalus)
Deadlands (Pinnacle)
Vampire: the Eternal Struggle
7th Sea (AEG)
Wheel of Time (Precedence)
Battletech (FASA)
War Cry: Siege of Darkness (Sabertooth)
Wars (Decipher)
Warlord (AEG)
Dragon Storm (Black Dragon)
Xxxenophile (Palliard Press)
Everway (Wizards of the Coast)

Look for me beside this sign.

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I’ll be available for signatures, and I will do small sketches and minor card alterations. I may set up a sign-up system for sketches and alters, but I have to see how things flow. Bear with me, please.

Here’s what I’ll have available for sale:

Original art. I’m driving, which makes this easier.

Almost all MtG originals have been sold long since; I’ll bring what I have. I am also bringing a selection of paintings and artwork for other games.

Prints. Some Magic, some not. Some larger (full press-run print runs, signed limited edition), some postcard-sized mini-prints.

APs, Tokens, and Pre-made Alters. It’s a mixed bag of experiments, weirdness, and “hold my beer; what happens if I do this?”

Playmats. In partnership with Joshua Krause of Original Magic Art, I will have two playmats on offer: the official Hymn to Tourach image; and a reimagined rendering of the floor visible in that card, proportioned to playmat format.

Hymn to Tourach, playmat, unboxing

Books. I have a few copies of The Gathering in hardback and soft cover. I have copies of Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls.

One of a Kind Specialty Items I got into storage and found…

– Hymn to Tourach wristwatch. Doesn’t work. Not sure it ever did but it’s pretty cool!

– 1996 Magic the Gathering Calendar, in original wrap.

Official WotC T-shirt with Quentin Hoover’s Vesuvan Doppleganger, XL. Barely worn. SOLD


Quentin Hoover, artwork, Doppleganger, t-shirt

Not going to be in Vegas?  Have questions about this, or anything? Drop me a line! Or, y’know, say something in the comments. That works too.


*Well, unless you caught that accidental “Publish” of a draft post. Sheesh twice over! **

**Excuses or reasons why I haven’t been posting? Lately, my Patreon page gets a lot of the kind of attention I’d have put into writing blog posts. I should cross-post what isn’t exclusive to my backers. (A lot is, but not everything.) But hey, I even made a video! [Link explains context, or just watch the fun below.]