Fantasy adventurers standing before stone gate into cavern

Gen Con 50, MetaArcade, and Flying Buffalo

I did not expect to make it to Gen Con 50 until David Reid of MetaArcade asked me to reconsider going. Now I will be there (Booth 509) with a new painting to show, alongside MetaArcade and Flying Buffalo. Hope to see you there!

Ink drawing of a sorceress casting an enchantment in a glowing bowl. A cat sits nearby. Adventuring heroes enter the room's door behind her.

Pictures Have Stories: Get the Picture?

This is the story of someone who really got the picture: how it came to be, how it unfolded itself into reality, and how you could be the next.

Ten Things You May Not Have Known About Me

Maybe you know me as an artist, a game developer, or even a computer gaming person. To judge by what I hear, there are many things you probably do not know. Here’s a glimpse behind the curtain!