Minor Updates

cards to be signedSTOPPING IN TO let you know I updated a couple of pages in the website.

You can now find updated information about card signings. I remain happy to sign cards but I am making some new requests for how to handle it. I hope this makes things clearer and more consistent across platforms, and brings everyone onto the same page. That’s the intent, anyway.

I also fixed the formatting of my story “Imp Possible Situations” which got messed up when I moved servers a few years ago. Many old posts still have those formatting errors, but if I have to do them all by hand … well, it probably won’t get done. (Website savvy friends are invited to explain how to do this globally, but right now, I’m doing it quotation mark by quotation mark, one at a time.)

Regardless, the story should be more readable now.

Jakrista and the Imp
I’ve been tinkering elsewhere in the site. There are some small details added into the Bibliography (not much; it needs a LOT of work) and in the “About Me” of other sides of me, which was getting a bit long in the tooth.

But hey, so am I. The website, though? That I can renovate! There should be more to come as I can find time.

Last tidbit: if you’re a Pinterest person, I have committed Pinterest. It’s a bit weird in places. Then again, so am I. I’m thinkin’ you already knew that.

ETA 19feb2016: For no apparent reason, WordPress has decided to turn comments off for this post. I don’t know why this should be, but it is Not Working As Intended. I monitor posts but do not turn them off as a matter of habit. If I get this figured out, you’ll see this message go away!