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28 Jul 2012

The Hazards of Reference Photos

Working on the Wasteland 2 computer game has its moments. Some of them verge on extremely humorous or frighteningly scary: occasionally all at the same time. Continue reading

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13 Jun 2012

Card Alteration: Complete

Altering a Magic the Gathering card into a pirate theme turned out to be quite fun! Continue reading

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11 Jun 2012

On the Winds of Magic

An overview of drawings and paintings showing magicians of different types casting magic, and the visual elements that go into the pictures…. and a little bit on sexiness, sexism, gender, and clothing in fantasy art. Continue reading

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19 May 2012

MangaMania and Prints!

IN A FEW hours I will be attending Pima County Library’s MangaMania!! where they are preparing for attendance by 1000 teens interested in all things anime and manga. I’m one of several professional artists appearing there to show our stuff, … Continue reading

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25 Apr 2012

Gallery Reboot in Progress

I AM HAPPY to say the problem with my email address (liz – at – lizdanforth – dot – com) has been resolved, and it is working again. Feel free to use it — it is usually the best way … Continue reading

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21 Mar 2012

By Special Request

I DON’T USUALLY make two posts in one day, but this is a special day. As you know I’ve been doing illustrations for a new edition of Buffalo Castle, the first of the solitaire adventures written for Tunnels & Trolls. … Continue reading

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10 Mar 2012

Humbled by Beauty

Inspiration, both given and received. Continue reading

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12 Feb 2012

Busy Making Art

Color plates for Traveller, portraits for Buffalo Castle, and people being wrong on the Internet. Continue reading

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28 Jan 2012

Buffalo Castle pictures, update

Interested in having a female character in the Buffalo Castle art offer? I can do that. Want to see the picture in color? I can do that too. Continue reading

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21 Jan 2012

Ya Oughta Be in Pictures, Kid

I’m doing new illustrations for a French edition of Buffalo Castle (the T&T solitaire adventure). Here’s your opportunity to be drawn into the game… literally! Continue reading

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